Your plug and play energy efficiency advisor

We develop KEEA- a software tool that optimises your plants operation strategy to be more energy efficient while still meeting your other KPIs.

Without additional hardware, we can reduce your energy demand by 10-20%.

How KEEA works

We use existing data from your production facility to create simulation models via machine learning. We combine these models to a digital twin of the real world.

This digital twin is used to predict the outcomes of different scenarios.

An optimisation algorithm is used to find optimal operation strategies. These are proposed to the facility operators who can then put them in action.

Implementation Process



The saving potential considering energy demand and flexibility is evaluated. We make sure that the required data is available. At the end of this stage stands the decision whether or not KEEA is implemented.



The digital twin is first defined using models classes from our model library, resulting in an abstract model of the facility containing blocks and their connections is ready for parametrisation.


Model Training & Deployment

The chosen models determine the monitoring data required to estimate the respective model parameters. This data is queried and processed.

Who We Are

How We Came To Be

In 2019, inspired by the global outcry for measures against the looming climate crisis, Dr. Benjamin Mörzinger, the PI of BaMa, decided to pick up on the results from his research and start Campfire Solutions.

Campfire Solutions, which is part of TU Wiens i2c – Innovation Incubation Cluster since September 2019, aims at developing a plug-and-play software tool to continuously help industrial companies at becoming more energy efficient. 

We believe that our skills, knowledge and partners make us particularly responsible for the fate of future generations. We contribute to mitigating the climate crisis by empowering operators of industrial facilities to make their production processes energy efficient.